All valves have option of manual, rotary, linear, or electric actuation

Valves are fully assembled and tested prior to shipping

All valves are produced with a universal drive connection shaft to allow later upgrade from manual to pneumatic or electric drive

Also allowing drive units to be mounted either side of the valve (factory standard right-hand installation)

Rotary Actuator
Allowing compact design
Double acting actuator (spring return
Flow control to regulate airflow to minimize _the wear on valve and actuator
NAMUR mounting
No external moving components
Quick response time
Rotary assembly includes:
____Solenoid valve – single coil, 110V ______standard
____ Flow control
____ Mounting Hardware
Limit Switches
Dual coil solenoid
24V solenoid
Explosion proof

Linear Actuator
Linear assembly includes:
Solenoid valve – dual coil, 110V standard
Proximity switches
Cylinder unit
Mounting hardware
Protective cover for cylinder unit
24V solenoid
Explosion proof

Electric Actuator
Electric assembly includes:
Electric actuator – 110V standard
Limit switches
Manual hand wheel for actuator override
24V actuator
Explosion proof