2-Way Valves
Designed for gravity feed of granular products.
Dosing Valves
Designed for gravity feed
with dust tight applications.
2-Way Distributors
Designed for ventilation systems and product movement. Suitable for low pressure conveying.
• Valves up to 12” (300mm) dia. are manufactured from stamped half-shells, eliminating
cross welds and areas of product build up

• Valves up to 12” (300mm) dia., are standard with Jacob flange

• Valves 14” (350mm) dia. and above are standard with flanges (ANSI or DIN, as required)

• All valves are available symmetric or asymmetric

• Mild steel/stainless steel

• Shafts with o-ring seal

• Can be used with all tubing, Jacob or existing

• Quick removal for maintenance, cleaning or replacement